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Portuguese Sea

We have been so long connected to the sea that we almost breathe underwater. We are co-founders of the ‘Sea Hyper-cluster’ and we seek, through various synergies, to raise awareness of the Portuguese to the modern ‘Portuguese Sea’, translated by an immense exclusive maritime zone, the largest in Europe, whose wealth, in all its aspects, is a collective good that we must preserve.

This extended maritime space – EEZ plus Platform – makes Portugal the largest country in Europe and benefits from new opportunities for economic and social development, taking into account respect for ecosystems, protection of marine biodiversity and its sustainability.

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Conservas Ramirez - Mar Portugues

Sustainable Fishing

The use of sustainable fishing is one of our permanent commitments and a structuring vector of our longevity. We are promoting the blue eco-label of the Marine Stewardship Council, which gives sardine purse seine fishing in the Portuguese Sea an environmentally sustainable certificate. We were also the first Portuguese company to obtain approval by Moody’s.

Energy Efficiency

In the production domain, the environment is also a priority. At the ‘Ramirez 1853’ we adopt environmentally-friendly equipment, procedures and techniques that enhance energy efficiency: solar panels and tubes (natural light throughout the plant and offices), biomass power plant; reduction of CO2 emissions; reduction of water consumption; capture and reuse of all rainwater.

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