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Ramirez supports edition of a book on Portuguese tile culture

The book “Watercolours of the Tile Panels of the Municipal Library of Porto and its History”, by the artist Filipe Mariares, is a singular work, edited with the support of the City Council of Porto and Ramirez & C (Filhos). SA, which reproduces, for the first time in watercolour, the iconographic and identity tile heritage of that space.

“Ramirez is proudly Portuguese and greatly values the history and all the cultural manifestations that shape our identity. The tile panels are a cultural manifestation that the Portuguese have globalized and were even used to record emblematic episodes of our history. We therefore have a special pleasure in contributing to the dissemination of this heritage,” explains Manuel Ramirez, administrator.

This bilingual work gives another look at the tile collection of the Municipal Public Library of Porto, whose panels have the peculiarity of not having been designed there, but tell the story of the monument that for several decades has housed this space of reading and encyclopaedic knowledge.

About the author
Filipe Mariares began his artistic activity influenced by his mother, drawing and painting small watercolours. After a few years as a self-taught artist and growing interest and activity, he attended an oil technical course in London at the Heatherley School of Fine Arts, where he deepened his knowledge. He is currently attending the last year of the degree of Plastic Arts/Sculpture Branch, at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto.

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