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Ramirez launches natural canned salmon

Ramirez & Cª (Filhos), SA, the world’s oldest running canning industry, innovates again and this month presented to the market a new benchmark, natural salmon, which strengthens its products portfolio in the ‘healthy food’ segment, signature the brand adopted more than 20 years ago.

‘Ramirez is a staunch supporter of the Mediterranean diet, which focuses on fish and its nutritional benefits, so we constantly seek to strengthen and diversify our offer with innovative healthy eating proposals. In the last year, we launched TunaFunctional, a functional tuna that nutritionists no longer dispense with in their prescriptions, but also several references in the bio segment. Salmon thus appears to be a dual natural option. It is preserved in its natural state, in water and salt. And it naturally preserves our brand strategy,’ claims Manuel Ramirez, director.

This new benchmark from Ramirez, which produces more than 200 different canned products, reflects the brand’s attention to trends in consumption habits, which increasingly focus on health, the appropriate serving, the speed of preparation, and convenience.

‘Canned salmon is one of the most sought-after references at European level and Ramirez is therefore in line with the wishes of Portuguese consumers, who now have a high-quality solution,’ explains Manuel Ramirez.

The Ramirez natural canned Salmon is produced from the Salmo salar species, captured in Norway, and is marketed in servings, skinned and boneless.



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