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Ramirez enters the souvenir market

“Terras de Portugal” is a city-merchandising project.

The cities of Porto and Lisbon are the first two themes of a special edition of Ramirez’s traditional tuna in vegetable oil, produced under its city-merchandising project called “Terras de Portugal”. This project represents the entry of the brand in the souvenir market and aims to strengthen its presence in the tourism segment.

The cans display illustrations of architectural icons and historical symbols of the two cities by Sergio Remondes, the artist who also had designed the Ramirez’s 160th anniversary can in 2013.

In this first phase, one million cans of the two references were produced and, in addition to its usual distribution channels, Ramirez is already negotiating with several souvenir distributors and is available to study the challenges of other cities with special city-merchandising projects.

Ramirez is also preparing a special edition dedicated to the PALOP (Portuguese-speaking African countries).

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