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Ramirez Diet and Fitness Plan

Obesity and physical inactivity are the two most serious problems facing the 21st century in the field of health. It is precisely for this reason that the major concern of the World Health Organization (WHO) is to maximize the importance of body weight and the practice of regular exercise.

People who are overweight and do not engage in systematic physical activity face a potential progressive deterioration in their health that may become irreversible. Hence the importance of trying to achieve the so-called ‘healthy weight’ (the one considered ideal for age, sex and body structure) by modifying certain eating habits and including a physical exercise programme that produces fat loss and recovery and/or gain of muscle mass.

It was the concern with these aspects that led Ramirez to create a diet and physical activity strategy which, through the Ramirez Diet & Fitness plan, intends to offer you a set of alternatives that guarantee the optimization of your health. The objectives of this proposal are to contribute to the reduction of obesity and to the recovery of lost muscle mass (see fat weight vs. muscle weight), something that happens in those from 25-30 years old who do not exercise systematically. We also recommend a series of healthy eating options: a selection and organization of dishes that promote the achievement of well-being goals.

Fat weight vs. muscle weight
Body weight is represented by the so-called fat and lean weight. This last one is the muscle weight. The fat weight expresses the amount of fat of the person, while the muscle weight refers to the amount of muscle tissue. It is known that muscles are the real engines of our body, so having little muscle mass and lots of fat shows great physical limitations and enhances the risks of deteriorating health.

The less muscle tissue and more fat you have, the more strength your muscles will need to move the total body weight, which translates into a huge effort to our heart. Hence the importance of reducing fat tissue and increasing muscle mass, which is our challenge through the Ramirez Diet & Fitness plan.

The greater the amount of muscle we have and the less fat tissue we move, the less work our heart will do. This is the principle of labour saving of the body that enhances its quality of life.

The main recommendations to be observed in carrying out the Ramirez Diet & Fitness plan are:
Consult your doctor about your possibilities to carry out our plan according to the characteristics referenced here.
If you can, carry out this programme together with someone else. It will be helpful to know that a project is shared and the challenge of ‘getting in shape’ is achieved with someone who is looking for the same thing.
Do not try to recover in one day what has been lost for years.
Control your anxiety. Well-designed programmes to lose fat and gain muscle mass take some time to induce the desired goals. However, these are the most effective and long-lasting.

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