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Tuna in Hot Sauce

For all those who like a strong spicy taste, the Ramirez Tuna in Hot Sauce is a variant of the Tuna in Vegetable Oil, to which is added a whole chili pepper per can. The whole chili pepper gives the sauce a more involving flavour, since it is a fresh chili pod, not powder as it is commonly used. It is an easy to prepare product that has health benefits, since the capsaicin from the chili activates the blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory and also thermogenic effects, and can help in weight loss.

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Nutritional properties per 100 g of drained weight:

Energy: 209 Kcal (875 kJ)
Fats: 13 g, of which,
- Saturated: 2.1 g
- Polyunsaturated: 7.4 g
Carbohydrates: < 0.1 g, of which,
- Sugars: 0 g
Proteins: 24 g
Salt: 1.0 g
Omega 3: 0.4 g

Ingredients: Tuna (fish), Soya oil, Chili (2%) and Salt.
Net weight: 120 g
Storage conditions: After opening, keep 1 day in the cold, in appropriate container