Codfish with Chickpeas

Prepared with the best Portuguese codfish from succulent slices and unmistakable taste, this Ramirez specialty is accompanied by the largest and best chick peas in extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, onion and parsley. Also known as “meia-desfeita”, this preserve is enriched by the chickpeas, which contain tryptophan, a substance that acts as an antidepressant, since it increases the production of serotonin by the brain.

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Nutritional properties per 100 g of drained weight:

Energy: 178 Kcal (747 kJ)
Fats: 9 g, of which,
- Saturated: 1.6 g
Carbohydrates: 6.6 g, of which,
- Sugars: <1.0 g Proteins: 18 g Salt: 1.4 g Ingredients: Cod (fish) (52%), chickpeas (25%), extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, onion, parsley.
Net weight: 120 g
Storage conditions: After opening, keep 1 day in the cold, in appropriate container