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Codfish in olive oil and garlic

Prepared from the best codfish, thick and succulent with an unmistakable flavour, this La Rose specialty is accompanied by the best extra virgin olive oil and a slice of garlic in each can, which gives it a truly Portuguese taste. Cod is a low-fat, selenium-rich fish, a mineral that helps protect cells against free radicals.

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Nutritional properties per 100 g of drained weight:

Energy: 180 Kcal (1164 kJ)
Fats: 7,5 g, of which,
Saturated: 0.9 g
Carbohydrates: 0 g, of which,
Sugars: 0 g
Proteins: 28 g
Salt: 1.8 g

Ingredients: Cod (fish), olive oil, garlic (2%) and salt.
Net weight: 120 g

Drained net weight: 72g

Storage conditions: After opening, keep in the cold in an appropriate container for up to 1 day