• Box of 6 units Cocagne

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    • 2 Sardines in Olive Oil
    • 2 Skinless and boneless sardines in olive oil
    • 2 Fillets of Mackerel in Olive Oil
  • Box of 6 units Cocagne

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    • Sardines in Olive Oil
  • -9%

    Natural Salmon

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    The Ramirez Natural Salmon, obtained from the Atlantic Salmon species (Salmo salar), captured in Norway, comes in portions without skin or bones. A natural source of Omega-3 and with high protein content, it is beneficial for sports enthusiasts as it aids muscle recovery, but is also recommended for anybody who strives to follow a 100% natural and balanced diet.

  • TunaFunctional

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    This is a unique and innovative tuna canning. Enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, in which the bioavailability of EPA and DHA has been scientifically demonstrated, this functional canning favours a physiological response in cardiovascular protection and blood pressure regulation, but also the normal functioning of the heart, vision and brain function*.

  • -4%

    Wild Tuna in low salt olive oil

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    Wild Tuna in low salt olive oil combines the nutritional richness of tuna to the fat of choice of the Mediterranean diet – now considered as one of the vectors of healthy living and increased life expectancy, providing a nutritional balance and presenting numerous benefits in terms of cardiovascular health and prevention against various types of cancer. Simple and quite interesting from a nutritional standpoint, also due to its low salt content, this canning reflects the care and delicacy of a production which favours healthy eating.

  • -4%

    Sardines in low salt olive oil

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    Preserved sardines in low salt olive oil combine the best that can be consumed to benefit cardiovascular health. Sardines, being a fatty fish, are recommended for their high Omega 3 content, a polyunsaturated fatty acid that protects the heart and helps reduce the risk of heart attack by controlling the levels of cholesterol present in the blood. Olive oil is, in turn, the preferred source of fat in the Mediterranean diet. The low salt content allows to control the blood pressure levels.

  • -7%

    Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio

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    With all the health benefits conserved in their most natural form, the wild sardines benefit in taste and quality from the Extra Virgin olive oil in which they are immersed, providing the foremost fat of the Mediterranean diet in its purest and most delicate form, having been harvested from biological agriculture.

  • -6%

    Wild Tuna Fillets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio

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    This product contains premium tuna with its firm and dense body and fleshy texture, typical of wild fish. The addition of extra virgin olive oil, deriving from biological agriculture, guarantees not only the quality of an unparalleled product, with no chemical additives, but also the elegance and harmony that only healthy oil can provide.

  • Ramirez Produtos Conservas - Atum Assado à Algarvia

    Roasted Tuna Algarve Type

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    This culinary preparation is one of the most emblematic and exclusive of RAMIREZ, where one can find the old flavours of the cuisine and seasonings of the Algarve. Following tradition, the tuna goes to the oven already seasoned with garlic, onion, paprika, white wine, salt and spices. After it is baked, the tuna is canned, being ready to serve.

  • -1%

    Codfish in Olive Oil and Garlic

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    Prepared from the best codfish, thick and succulent with an unmistakable flavour, this Ramirez specialty is accompanied by the best extra virgin olive oil and a slice of garlic in each can, which gives it a truly Portuguese taste.

  • Ramirez Produtos Conservas - Filetes de Sardinha em Azeite Extra Virgem

    Sardine Fillets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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    A preserve with the traditional flavour and a more appealing presentation. The boneless sardine fillets keep intact all the nutritional benefits of whole fish, but are, for example, more friendly to mothers, who seek to encourage children to eat fish. Easier to prepare and with a more careful presentation, delighting kids and adults alike. They are presented in olive oil, the preferred source of fat in the Mediterranean diet.

  • -2%

    Tuna fillets in olive oil

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    The Ramirez tuna fillets in olive oil combine the nutritional richness of a premium tuna to the fat of choice of the Mediterranean Diet, the olive oil. Revivalist and of unparalleled quality, this preserve reflects the care and delicacy of an ancestral production: one by one, the fillets are placed by hand in a can that also recovers the presentation of the 19th century.