• Ramirez Produtos Conservas - Mexilhões de Caldeirada

    Mussels with Ragout Sauce

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    For mussel lovers, this new and exquisite preparation of Ramirez mussels in ragout sauce is an authentic delicacy and a new and delicious proposal to share with family and friends in the most delicious moments of life!

  • Pickled Mussels

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    A preserve with a typical sauce of the Arabian gastronomy, originally prepared not only to give more flavour to a simple dish, but also to conserve food for longer through the effect of vinegar. The mussel, in addition to a good source of protein, is rich in Vitamin B12, an essential vitamin whose deficit can lead to fatigue, weakness and neurological changes.

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    Peach halves in syrup

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    This is a practical way to eat fruit. The peach in syrup is rich in fibre and vitamins A, C and D. In addition, the peach helps to prevent cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome, has diuretic action, important for renal failure, has antioxidant properties, prevents premature aging and also degenerative and cardiovascular diseases. It also has an anti-inflammatory action.

  • Stewed Peas

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    Small and succulent, Ramirez stewed peas reveal the best flavour of the countryside. These legumes have several benefits, they are a source of protein and, simultaneously, complex carbohydrates and fibres, which promote satiety.