• Ramirez Produtos Conservas - Petingas em Limão

    Sardines with Lemon

    0 out of 5

    Another irresistible Ramirez speciality that you will not want to miss out. The freshness of the sardines blends harmoniously with the scent and the acid aftertaste of the lemon, providing a special flavour and numerous health benefits.

  • Sardinhas sem Pele e sem Espinha em Óleo Vegetal

    Skinless and Boneless Sardines in Vegetable Oil

    0 out of 5

    All the flavour of traditional Portuguese sardines, but without skin or bones. One of the Ramirez specialties that combines the secular secret of preparing the fish with the most modern conservation techniques. A ready-to-eat delicacy, with all the nutritional benefits of sardines, in a more appealing and easy to prepare presentation.

  • Mackerel Fillets in Vegetable Oil

    0 out of 5

    Ready to eat, this Ramirez delicacy is made to preserve the flavour of a well-seasoned fish. To this extraordinary taste, which only Ramirez can offer, is added the undeniable benefits conferred by mackerel, rich in omega 3 and vitamins B and B12.

  • Ramirez Produtos Conservas - Atum Posta

    Tuna in Vegetable Oil

    0 out of 5

    This is the Ramirez signature product. At a time when the rapid pace of society often leads to eating disorders and unhealthy diets, Ramirez continues to favour healthy and easy-to-prepare meals.

  • Ramirez Produtos Conservas - Azeite Oliveira

    Tuna in Olive Oil

    0 out of 5

    It is one of the most appreciated products in Portugal and abroad. The Ramirez Tuna in Olive oil combines the benefits of tuna with those of olive oil, making it a good alternative to fresh fish in the so-called Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is now considered by doctors and nutritionists as one of the vectors of healthy living and increased life expectancy, providing a nutritional balance and presenting numerous benefits in terms of cardiovascular health and prevention against various types of cancer.

  • Ramirez Produtos Conservas - Atum em Piri-Piri

    Tuna in Hot Sauce

    0 out of 5

    For all those who like a strong spicy taste, the Ramirez Tuna in Hot Sauce is a variant of the Tuna in Vegetable Oil, to which is added a whole chili pepper per can. The whole chili pepper gives the sauce a more involving flavour, since it is a fresh chili pod, not powder as it is commonly used. It is an easy to prepare product that has health benefits, since the capsaicin from the chili activates the blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory and also thermogenic effects, and can help in weight loss.

  • Ramirez Produtos Conservas - Atum Assado à Algarvia

    Roasted Tuna Algarve Type

    5.00 out of 5

    This culinary preparation is one of the most emblematic and exclusive of RAMIREZ, where one can find the old flavours of the cuisine and seasonings of the Algarve. Following tradition, the tuna goes to the oven already seasoned with garlic, onion, paprika, white wine, salt and spices. After it is baked, the tuna is canned, being ready to serve.

  • Ramirez Produtos Conservas - Atum Caldeirada

    Tuna in Ragout Sauce

    0 out of 5

    This Ramirez specialty meets the typical Portuguese palate, with a special sauce made from a recipe that transports us to the flavours of the cuisine of our fishermen.

  • Tuna with Bacon

    0 out of 5

    Ideal for quick meals, the Ramirez tuna with bacon offers the best of the tuna and the unique taste of bacon. It is an excellent complement to the most varied dishes, providing original and succulent recipes, without requiring much time in their preparation.