Turismo Industrial | Ramirez Conservas e Vanguardismo Tecnológico


The history and ‘flavours’ proposed by the oldest fish cannery in operation in the world can be appreciated in our new production unit, the ‘Ramirez 1853’, which in addition to the avant-garde technology includes a shop, an important museum centreand an auditorium, focused on industrial tourism. We are open to visits from schools or groups of tourists with a special taste to know both our history and the evolution of an industry that is typically related with the pulse of many Portuguese coastal cities…
We also have the pleasure of providing tastings for groups as well as for projects with umbilical relation with the sea, cede exhibition spaces for temporary shows, conferences or launching of literary works.


Ramirez, Cocagne, The Queen of the Coast, Tomé, Al Fares, Berthe or La Rose are some of the centennial brands we have placed at your disposal in the ‘Ramirez 1853’ museum-shop, already considered by international auditors as one of the five best production units worldwide in the agri-food sector.

In addition to the usual cans, you can also find carefully decorated catering formats or gift packs of different brands. There are more than 50 products, including exceptional ready meals. They are authentic products, of guaranteed quality, that arouse the emotion that we wish…

Ramirez Auditorio


Like ‘Ramirez 1853’, which was designed with several can-shaped bodies, its auditorium also honours the geometric form of the company’s products, but without the visitor feeling like “canned sardines”!

With a capacity for 50 people, it is a pleasant space where students, tourists and other visitors watch videos on the history of the canning industry every day, as well as on the path of the oldest fish cannery in the world in operation. We are available to welcome, in this and other support spaces, visits and events intrinsically associated with the sea.

Museum Centre

The Museum Centre of our museum-shop is that and nothing more: a gateway into Ramirez’s history. A gateway to the ‘house’ and an open window on the activity of a company that has been fighting to keep the national canning tradition alive since 1853.

There you can find several models of crimping machines (machines to close cans hermetically), the prototype of the first machine to remove sardine heads, the miniature of a tuna trap (traditional tuna fishing), historical cans or even an oil painting on the arrival of the tuna to the fish auction.

Among a multitude of events, they are objects that have helped several generations of Ramirez employees to give dimension and life to its project.