RAMIREZ collaborates in the first worldwide issue of stamps inside tin cans

The first Portuguese stamp (Queen Maria II) was launched in 1853, precisely in the year Ramirez & Cª (Filhos), SA was founded. The coincidence motivated CTT – Correios de Portugal (the Portuguese Post Office), who wanted to pay tribute to the canning industry, to challenge Ramirez for a partnership in the production of the first worldwide issue of stamps inside tin cans, already on sale in CTT stores.

‘This collaboration with CTT represents a double tribute to the canning industry. In addition to the collection of stamps that evokes the history of the canning industry, they are packaged and marketed inside a tin can, which we were proud to produce,’ explains Manuel Ramirez, Chairman of the Board.

Using tin cans and its crimping technology to pack other products, besides sardines, mackerel or tuna, is no longer a novelty for Ramirez. The launching of the Portuguese telecommunications operator WTF was made using the marketing of mobile phone cards inside tin cans. Regularly, at the request of a customer, Ramirez also packs and crimps cans filled with… chocolate sardines.

‘These are exceptional situations. On the one hand, they impose constraints on regular production and special care must be taken, such as minimizing the presence of water and other liquids. On the other hand, it is always a pride for a company on the way to its bicentenary as Ramirez to have partners like the CTT, about to celebrate 500 years and whose origins go back to the reign of King Manuel I,’ says Manuel Ramirez.

For this special issue, 50 thousand specially screened cans with six stamps each were produced. The can and the stamps refer to the past success of the canning industry, recovering in photos and icons the manufacturing processes of yesteryear. The six stamps, whose face value varies between € 0.47 and € 1, have a circulation of 125,000 copies each. With a format of 30.6 X 80 mm, the stamps and the can were designed by the Porto designer Fernando Pendão.

Ramirez - CTT - 2
Ramirez - CTT - 4

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