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Promote healthy eating

Through the Ramirez Nutrition Centre (CENUTRA) we ensure the promotion of healthy eating practices and a permanent commitment to nutritional care and the development of canned products that are suited to the consumer taste of each market. We seek to have a prospective view on market trends at all times. The individualization of the eating habits, the speed of preparation and portability inherent to the convenience of the product motivated, for example, the launching of ready-made canned meals.

Health and nutrition

Friends of the heart

Our canned fish combine quick preparation and appropriate portions with food quality and a good dose of health. High levels of Omega-3 Marine and calcium are present in the tuna and sardines we have chosen for our wide range of suggestions, inspired by the Mediterranean diet and created with the collaboration of nutritionists. Studies indicate that a diet rich in fresh or canned sardines is heart-friendly and capable of reducing the risk of stroke by 30%.

Ramirez Conservas - Sardinha
Ramirez Dieta Mediterrânea

Mediterranean Diet

Correct diet coupled with exercise

The Mediterranean diet, of which the fish and olive oil used in our canned products are fundamental elements, is nowadays considered by doctors and nutritionists as one of the best ways to preserve health and increase life expectancy, providing a nutritional balance and presenting numerous benefits in terms of cardiovascular health and the prevention of obesity and various types of cancer.

Why? Because it makes it easier to reach the so-called ‘healthy weight’ (the one considered ideal for age, sex and body structure), an objective that should also be achieved through systematic physical activity. A workout programme helps in fat loss and recovery and/or gain of muscle mass. The greater the amount of muscle we have and the less fat tissue we move, the less work our heart will do. This is the principle of labour saving of the body that enhances its quality of life.

Ramirez Conservas - Família


Synergies in favour of health

We all know how important nutrition is for physical and intellectual development, for good health, for overall well-being. And there is no shortage of information!
From school to television, from newspapers to magazines, each one gives his or her advice – this makes you fatter, that makes you lose weight, that is bad for this or harms that …

In the midst of all this confusion, where good, bad and so-so concepts abound, the good intentions of healthy eating are lost …
In order to promote a balanced diet, we have developed partnerships with university and scientific centres in the field of nutrition, with physical education professionals, as well as with Chefs, who can contribute to this common goal.

The FUNCTIONAL TUNA project has the mission of developing a functional canned tuna capable of contributing, at various levels, to improving the health of its consumers.