Ramirez in the pure surfing wave

If it is a water sport, the most natural thing is for Ramirez to be there. It has been so with sailing, with water polo, with triathlon, with swimming and also with surfing. After sponsoring the national surfing championship, Ramirez established a partnership with Onda Pura, a surfing school, created in 1994 by Marcelo Martins on the beach of Stª Cruz, but since 2002 installed in the beach of Matosinhos.

Due to its umbilical connection to the sea, which gives it a special tendency to support water sports, Ramirez naturally gave its name to the spaces and activities of this renowned national surfing school, which also has a multidisciplinary surfing camp programme aimed at tourists. Ramirez is also in the pure surfing wave …

“Ramirez 1853” is already in operation

To combine tradition and future, the most modern and ‘green’ industrial unit of the fish canning industry came into operation this month, the ‘Ramirez 1853’, which allows to concentrate all the activity of the company.

Located in Lavra, Matosinhos, ‘Ramirez 1853’ is a state-of-the-art technical and technological unit that allows to give new impetus to an export vocation dating back to the 19th century.

Double the production capacity, reducing operational and logistical costs; favour the use of new and more environmentally friendly equipment as well as the creation of new products are the main objectives of this € 18 million investment, which benefits the company’s commitment to the sustainability of fishing and fishing communities, the working conditions of employees, quality control, food safety and the consumer convenience.