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Advice for diet in competition

As a result of the role that diet plays in sport, but also taking into account that some of the nutrients are the basic ‘fuel’ for the normal functioning of the body and that other structural components are essential for proper psychophysical performance, Ramirez offers you some advice on nutrition that allows you to either optimize your physical performance during competition or promote post-exercise recovery.

1. Breakfast (up to 3 hours before the competition)

Recommended foods:

a- No fats (for example, butter, cheese, ham, margarines, eggs are not advisable)

b- Bread (preferably whole wheat) with honey, jam, marmalade

c- Dried fruits (walnuts, almonds) or raisins

d- Cereals without sugar

e- Fruit (apple, orange, peaches, plums, pineapple, banana, kiwi)

f- Yogurt with pieces of fruit, skim milk, coffee, tea, orange juice, pear, pineapple, tomato, apple.

g- Cereal bars

2. 30 minutes before the competition (do not eat anything after this period)

– One piece of fruit (preferably banana with honey, pineapple, kiwi)

– Cereal energy bar

– Liquid yogurt

(Choose only some of these foods)

3. In the interval (free choice)

– Cereal energy bars

– Mineral water (no more than ¼ litre for every 15′)

– Two pieces of fruit (preferably banana in the first 10′ after the effort and apple or orange before starting the next stage)

4. At the end of the competition (in the first 45 minutes)

– Hydration (even without thirst) with energy drink or mineral water and orange juice

– Regular bread with honey or marmalade

– Corn Flakes

– Muesli

5. At the end of the event (after one hour)

– Tuna paste on wheat bread

– Boiled egg white

– Mineral water and/or fruit juice

Avoid alcoholic beverages at the end of the competition.

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