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A good balanced diet

We all know how a good balanced diet is important for physical and intellectual development, for good health, for overall well-being. And there is no shortage of information!
From school to television, from newspapers to magazines, each one gives his or her advice – this makes you fatter, that makes you lose weight, that is bad for this or harms that … In the midst of all this confusion, where good, bad and so-so concepts abound, the good intentions of healthy eating are lost.

One of the objectives of Ramirez is to promote a balanced diet, so we have developed partnerships with university and scientific centres that can contribute to this goal. Thus, we recently signed a protocol of collaboration with FCNAUP – Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the University of Porto, which resulted in the creation of the Ramirez Nutrition Centre – CENUTRA -, which aims to raise awareness and promote healthy eating practices in the Portuguese population.

Portuguese Diet.

Is the traditional Portuguese diet unbalanced by using ‘heavy’ foods such as bread, potatoes, rice or beans?

These foods have been unjustly blamed for excess weight. The basis of a balanced diet should be carbohydrates, and FAO/WHO’s view is that they should contribute 55-60% of total daily calories.

What has happened in recent years is a decrease in the consumption of these products and an increase in the consumption of fats. Keep in mind that what is fattening is the butter or cheese that you put in the bread, the oil that the potatoes absorb when they are fried, the butter/oil that you mix in the pasta and the rice, the fat meat that goes in the bean stew, etc.

Remember that 1 gram of fat produces 9 calories, while the same amount of carbohydrates produces only 4 calories.

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