Selos em lata de conserva ganham prémio mundial

A emissão filatélica “Indústria Conserveira”, dinamizada pelos CTT – Correios de Portugal, com a colaboração da Ramirez,  recebeu o Grande Prémio WIPA 2017. Esta emissão de seis selos, a primeira na história a ser embalada em lata de conserva de peixe, foi eleita  a mais bela do mundo, de entre as produzidas em 2016. Esta distinção foi atribuída pelo prestigiado júri da WIPA (Exposição Filatélica Internacional de Viena), que se realiza desde 1881. A emissão “Indústria Conserveira” foi desenhada por Fernando Pendão.

Ramirez Conservas selos
Lata conservas com selos

Tuna fillets, a product to the taste of memory

A unique product, revivalist and of exceptional quality, the tuna fillets in oil, which Ramirez now re-launches, reflect the care and delicacy of the original production. One by one, they are placed by hand in a can that also recovers the presentation of the nineteenth century. In taste and presentation, this is a product to the taste of memory…

In the cannery universe, Ramirez is as close as one can be today to a ‘journey’ through parallel temporal realities. At Ramirez, the past, the present and the future harmonize every day! With fans since the 19th century, Ramirez wants to be present in the most delicious moments of life…

RAMIREZ collaborates in the first worldwide issue of stamps inside tin cans

The first Portuguese stamp (Queen Maria II) was launched in 1853, precisely in the year Ramirez & Cª (Filhos), SA was founded. The coincidence motivated CTT – Correios de Portugal (the Portuguese Post Office), who wanted to pay tribute to the canning industry, to challenge Ramirez for a partnership in the production of the first worldwide issue of stamps inside tin cans, already on sale in CTT stores.

‘This collaboration with CTT represents a double tribute to the canning industry. In addition to the collection of stamps that evokes the history of the canning industry, they are packaged and marketed inside a tin can, which we were proud to produce,’ explains Manuel Ramirez, Chairman of the Board.

Using tin cans and its crimping technology to pack other products, besides sardines, mackerel or tuna, is no longer a novelty for Ramirez. The launching of the Portuguese telecommunications operator WTF was made using the marketing of mobile phone cards inside tin cans. Regularly, at the request of a customer, Ramirez also packs and crimps cans filled with… chocolate sardines.

‘These are exceptional situations. On the one hand, they impose constraints on regular production and special care must be taken, such as minimizing the presence of water and other liquids. On the other hand, it is always a pride for a company on the way to its bicentenary as Ramirez to have partners like the CTT, about to celebrate 500 years and whose origins go back to the reign of King Manuel I,’ says Manuel Ramirez.

For this special issue, 50 thousand specially screened cans with six stamps each were produced. The can and the stamps refer to the past success of the canning industry, recovering in photos and icons the manufacturing processes of yesteryear. The six stamps, whose face value varies between € 0.47 and € 1, have a circulation of 125,000 copies each. With a format of 30.6 X 80 mm, the stamps and the can were designed by the Porto designer Fernando Pendão.

Ramirez - CTT - 2
Ramirez - CTT - 4

Ramirez supports the triathlon in Matosinhos

On 13 and 14 May, with the support of Ramirez, Matosinhos was the capital of the triathlon. The Triathlon Team of the São Mamede Academic Association together with the Municipality of Matosinhos and the the Triathlon Federation of Portugal organized the first edition of the Triathlon – Sea of Sport..

That weekend, the city welcomed and saw local and Spanish professional and amateur athletes and lovers of the sport compete in its waters and streets. On the day before the race, the Ramirez canned products gave energy and good disposition to the athletes and their entourage.

President of the Republic visited Ramirez at SISAB 2017

On the first day of SISAB Portugal 2017, the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, visited the Ramirez stand and made a point of praising the brand’s longevity and dynamism, as well as highlighting the strategic importance of the world’s largest fair of Portuguese food products for export, which took place from 6 to 8 March.

In the Meo Arena in Lisbon, 1,700 importers from 110 countries and 500 national companies were present in the most participated edition ever of an event created in 1995 and already with 22 editions. Ramirez is proud to contribute to the success of the agri-food sector which, in 2016, even surpassed tourism, grew above the rest of the Portuguese economy and sees its export volume also growing at a good pace.

Ramirez inspires food professionals at SIAL Paris

From 16 to 20 October 2016, Ramirez was once again present at SIAL Paris and inspired many food professionals, either because of the diversity of its offer, which includes unique canned fish, or through several of its centennial brands.

At the 27th edition of this event of world reference for agribusiness, the oldest fish canning industry in operation in the world showed that its offer dictates trends in the canned fish sector and prepares responses to the food challenges of tomorrow.

Created in 1964 in Paris, the SIAL is held every two years and attracts more than 150,000 visitors, not only from the European Union, but also from the rest of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Ramirez evento
Ramirez evento

Ramirez in the pure surfing wave

If it is a water sport, the most natural thing is for Ramirez to be there. It has been so with sailing, with water polo, with triathlon, with swimming and also with surfing. After sponsoring the national surfing championship, Ramirez established a partnership with Onda Pura, a surfing school, created in 1994 by Marcelo Martins on the beach of Stª Cruz, but since 2002 installed in the beach of Matosinhos.

Due to its umbilical connection to the sea, which gives it a special tendency to support water sports, Ramirez naturally gave its name to the spaces and activities of this renowned national surfing school, which also has a multidisciplinary surfing camp programme aimed at tourists. Ramirez is also in the pure surfing wave …

“Ramirez 1853” is already in operation

To combine tradition and future, the most modern and ‘green’ industrial unit of the fish canning industry came into operation this month, the ‘Ramirez 1853’, which allows to concentrate all the activity of the company.

Located in Lavra, Matosinhos, ‘Ramirez 1853’ is a state-of-the-art technical and technological unit that allows to give new impetus to an export vocation dating back to the 19th century.

Double the production capacity, reducing operational and logistical costs; favour the use of new and more environmentally friendly equipment as well as the creation of new products are the main objectives of this € 18 million investment, which benefits the company’s commitment to the sustainability of fishing and fishing communities, the working conditions of employees, quality control, food safety and the consumer convenience.